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RIM CEO Jim Balsillie Denies RIM-PALM Rumor at C3 Conference
Benjamin J. Higginbotham
Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has denied rumors of a Palm/RIM merger tomorrow (06/29/2006).  Today at the C3 conference in New York, Balsillie was quoted as saying, "Our view is there is diversity in handhelds," and "We don't have grand ambitions to consolidate the handheld business any more than we have ambitions to exit the handheld business.''

Since the Palm/RIM merger rumors started circulating the web earlier in the week, Palm's market cap has grown over $100 million.

While this pretty much puts an end to that rumor, the handheld market is still fun and exciting.  It will be interesting to see how RIM and Palm deal with the pressure from Windows Mobile 5 devices and any potentially new devices from companies such as Apple.


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1. Posted by: Aaron on June 23, 2007 3:08 PM:

Dear Jim

I am wondering you have always said to people you HATE to lose to anything in your life so I am wondering are you going to give up that easily on bringing a NHL Team and Franchise to Hamilton for the future? I know the NHL is a VERY HARD business but you where FIGHTING SOOOOOOO hard to bring the Nashville predators to Hamilton and it just fails? :-(

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