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Google Adds Streaming MP3 Player to Gmail
Ed Kohler

Amit Agarwal reports on Gmail's new MP3 Player feature that allows users to play MP3 attachments within Gmail rather than downloading them to play in a client application:

Google MP3 Player found in GMail ?Ǭ Digital Inspiration

A new GMail feature lets you play MP3 files right inside the GMail interface without having to download the MP3 or open an external media player.

When you receive an audio file as an email attachment, click the play button and Google will play the audio file for you in a popup window. Very neat implementation.
MP3s are streamed using Google's Flash based video player.

Agarwal points out that you can use this on your own site by linking to MP3s like this:{url of your MP3 file}

and provides an example song.

This builds upon similar features Gmail provides, including viewing PDF and common Office documents in HTML format within Gmail.

When will Gmail integrate with Writely and Google Spreadsheets by offering an "Open in Writely" or "Open in Spreadsheets" option for appropriate attachments?


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