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Yahoo Adds Shopping Cart Icon Next to PayPal Powered Retailers' Ads
Ed Kohler

Andrew Goodman reports that Yahoo search results are now displaying a PayPal shopping cart icon alongside sponsored search results from retailers using PayPal's checkout system.

Is this a reaction to Google Checkout's integration with Adwords?

What does this tell us about Yahoo's relationship with Ebay? Did it just become closer than we knew?

How are Yahoo advertisers not offering direct sales (thus, no PayPal opportunity) helped or hurt by the selective display of this icon? Does it generate higher clicks for those displaying it?

What is the bar for having the icon displayed? Could I simply set up a donate button on this site to generate the icon next to my ads, or sell technology fortunes for $999?

More importantly, how does this really help consumers? I'm still trying to figure that out.


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