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CES - Steven Knuff, Nokia
Technology Evangelist Team

Steven Knuff shows us the Nokia N93i. It is a new phone that also doubles as a video camera. Nokia's goal is convergence of products so you only have to carry one device instead of a camera, phone, etc.

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Full Transcript:

Steven Knuff: My name is Steven Knuff and I work for Nokia.

Benjamin: And we are talking today about the Nokia N93i which was announced yesterday.

Steven Knuff: Yesterday, yes.

Benjamin: What makes it such a cool device?

Steven Knuff: This device is a re-design of a Nokia N93 which has a 3 mega pixel of Carl Zeiss lens and a 3.2 Carl Zeiss lens and three types optical zoom it has the form factor of a video camera and that also as the form factor of enable to watch the video on the device like a tv.

Benjamin: So what’s the application for this? Why have a full video camera in a cell phone?

Steven Knuff: its convergence Nokia is all about convergence these days So we have many product tried it you know a one device, So instead of having your pockets full of two or three different devices you have one device and what’s great about this is what u see something you want a film not just to take a picture of, we getting DVD quality video with this. Thirty frames per second kbga.

Benjamin: How do I get that video off of the camera?

Steven Knuff: Two to three different ways. One of them is through you can actually watch that with a tv out right in the tv or you can actually edit it on your computer with the Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier, yes.

Benjamin: What if I just immediately move that to my website is there anyway that I just use 3G and just move that on line or am I stuck with having move to computer first in it.

Steven Knuff: There is a few different ways, One of the things which is announced yesterday with the company called VOX is been able to take your videos and posting straight to your blog.So it’s a incredible video where citizen journalism have been able to upload here you know anything you see if you see a car record or something you can shoot out shoot that upload it, and say “hey look, what I saw”?

Benjamin: How easy is that someone to do this is that I have to go through hoops and just kind a something that my mom can do?

Steven Knuff: After you set up your mom with an account which is you all knows how hard to do,Its pretty simple after they take the video it says what you want to do? A little when you comes out we say send and it says what you want to send the mms,email or upload. You hit --click upload and asks you were you want to upload it to and your blog is one of those and your moms blog is one of those and it shoots to right there and asks you for what the title is it gives a little of comment about this actual real blog post.

Benjamin : You know video cameras in phones tradionally a kind of sucky,Is there I mean you got a nice lens on the front of that .What’s the image quality actually gonna look like?

Steven Knuff: Image quality is fantastic Companies like BBC are using the field reporters going out and record before the camera could show up,So this is a proven technology in N93 and N93i is just takes the style little bit more.

Benjamin: So what’s the resolution of the camera is it 322x40 or is it a bigger image?

Steven Knuff: Is bigger image is 644x80,So that be a 480 progressive lines of resolution that if approximately be the same as broadcast quality that point.

Steven Knuff: Yes

Benjamin: That’s awesome.

Steven Knuff: Its fantastic and it is a compact device like this.

Benjamin: So what you are doing is enabling citizen journalism at this point.

Steven Knuff: Yes

Benjamin :So any one can have that phone go out grab some video , what ever they want to grab upload it immediately right of their phone without having a computer using their partnerships you developed and have it appear on their blog.

Steven Knuff: Or using Wi-fi

Benjamin: What is the connectivity option with that device? So it’s a wi-fi only and then just?

Steven Knuff: Its wi-fi,it has Bluetooth so you can connect it to your computer and use that or you can use 3g.

Benjamin:-: I hope this really shows up in high definition? But that device the whole phone, do you call it a phone or a camera..

Steven Knuff:- we can call a multimedia computers

Benjamin: Multimedia computers that is really a roll of a tongue it’s either.

Steven Knuff: Its rolling off at tongue after a few months I am saying in .
Benjamin: It is the beautiful device it got this gorgeous glassy finish, is that an OLED display in the front

Steven Knuff: It is

Benjamin: It just looks amazing, it’s one of those sexy little devices you’d want to carry with you every where you go.

Steven Knuff: Definitely

Benjamin: You guys have done a great job with the device changing the face of journalism It’s going to be a amazing to watch.

Steven Knuff: We are enabling citizen journalism with this device

Benjamin: absolutely thank you so much for your time.

Steven Knuff: Thank you.


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