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Ed Kohler's Personality via Autocomplete Part II
Ed Kohler
I first ran this test a little over a year ago and thought today would be a good day to give it another shot. This is the autocomplete personality test, where you type each letter of the alphabet into your browser's address bar and note what autocompletes. Here's a more thorough explanation from last time:

Want to learn something about yourself? Go up to address bar and type in the letter A and see what site autocompletes. Then do it for B, C, etc. After 26 letters, you'll have a list like the one below, telling you something about what type of sites you frequent.

It looks like there are a few factors influencing the changes over the past 12+ months. Some are new sites I've found valuable, like Rain City Guide and Live Digitally. Some are tied to recent events or seasons, like Vlog Santa and Northwest Airlines. But this doesn't necessarily mean the previous contenders lost a step. In fact, in some cases they've dropped in autocomplete standings because they're now bookmarked (dodgeball) or read through my RSS reader (Performancing).

Give it a try and see what you find out about yourself. If you've done this before, what's changed for you?


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1. Posted by: Nian on January 16, 2007 7:22 AM:

Since you have Quintura for Q, I would suggest a Kids' search engine for K - Quintura for Kids at

2. Posted by: Ed Kohler on January 16, 2007 9:52 AM:

Nian, I don't think the Kids site will end up in my autocompletes anytime soon, but thanks for the suggestion.

3. Posted by: Dustin on January 30, 2007 2:13 AM:

Wow Ed! Glad to know RCG is representing the "r"s well! :)

That's a great list of site you read often... and playing with the autotyping features is a lot of fun! Thanks for the tip!

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