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Are People Watching Online Video Today?
Ed Kohler

A panel moderated by Om Malik, with Dina Kaplan, COO, with Dina Kaplan, COO,, Robert Petty, Chairman & CEO, ROO, and Dmitry Shapiro, CEO, Veoh took on some common questions about online video business models.

- Longer form video is on the way. The number of 2-3 minute clips watched by users continues to grow, which suggests the opportunity to provide longer content.

- Newspapers are doing a better job than TV stations at converting from their legacy medium to the web. Perhaps because it's not seen as direct competition with themselves.

- Only a small number of video creators are making money today. The same names are mentioned over and over again, including Rocketboom and Ze Frank. I believe French Maid TV also falls into the profitable category.

- According to Om, there are now 367 online video publishing sites.

- Google's Tech Talks are a great example of compelling content that draws an audience to a long-form due to the quality of the speakers.

- P2P is key to growth of online video.

- Longer form online video will be consumed on Tivo and video iPods. I've previously heard this referred to as lean-back television. 2-3 minutes: lean forward. Much longer: lean back.

- Most video producers are keeping original copies of shows. They'll be used for delivering higher-quality video to TVs.

Quote of the session: Jeff Jarvis on splitting his time between YouTube,, Veoh, etc.: "It's like trying to date three women at once: who gets the dinner?"


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