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Yahoo's Testing an Interesting Search Interface on AllTheWeb
Ed Kohler
Yahoo's getting crushed by Google in search right now, but maybe they're on to something with the interface they're testing over at

The site offers real-time updates to search results as you type, so searches become more relevant as you add words to your query. Remove a word if things become too narrow - all without refreshing the page. Providing immediate feedback to queries as they're created has the ability to improve the quality of the search experience since it lowers the bar on query refinement.

Here is an example search for Minneapolis Pizza. After finishing the word Minneapolis, I saw one set of results. As I added Pizza, the results changed to what you see below:


Compare that to running a search on Google, then thinking to yourself, "what if I added one more word to refine my search?" Will you? It takes time to click into the search box and add another word, clicking search, then waiting for the results to display.

Alltheweb also dynamically serves up suggested search refinements, such as "delivery," "restaurants," or "hut."

The site seems to waste some resources by running queries on overly broad searches for the first word typed. For example, my search for [Minneapolis pizza] first ran a query for the word [Minneapolis] which wasn't really necessary. Hopefully, this doesn't effect the click through rates of ads displayed on broader terms I didn't intent to search for.

Assuming this gets some traction, I could see Yahoo bumping this up to their primary search site.


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1. Posted by: PXLated on March 29, 2007 2:23 PM:

Reminds me of a little Safari plugin called Inquisitor. Lists refined search results in a drop-down as you type. Pulls from Google. My favorite little plugin.

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