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Netflix + Silverlight = No Need for Windows
Ed Kohler

Now that Netflix will support streaming of movies on the Mac using Microsoft's Silverlight, I'll no longer have a use for Microsoft Windows.

I've been using a MacBook Pro for just over 2 years now after switching from a Windows laptop. It didn't take long to get used to doing just about everything on the Mac side of the Mac rather than booting Parallels so I could run popular Windows software including Office.

I managed to wean myself off Office and never replaced it on the Mac side of the computer. Instead, I started to rely heavily on Google Docs for word processing, presentation, and light spreadsheet work. For heavier spreadsheet work, I run NeoOffice. That program, as it exists today, wouldn't be mistaken for Microsoft Office, but the spreadsheet is pretty good and much more robust than the one that exists today within Google Docs.

But one program that I really do love has only been available on Windows until now: Netflix streaming. I've found that I watch many more hours of movies and shows per month via streaming rather than DVD. In fact, I just returned a DVD to Netflix that was sent to me on July 8th. Hulu has also cut into my DVD playing.

And now that I won't have to boot to Windows in order to watch Netflix, life is even better.


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