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Date Price
2019-09-21 03:00:08 $59.99
2019-09-20 03:00:04 $59.99
2019-09-19 03:00:05 $59.99
2019-09-18 03:00:03 $59.99
2019-09-17 03:00:07 $59.99
2019-09-16 03:00:05 $59.99
2019-09-15 03:00:07 $59.99
2019-09-14 03:00:02 $59.99
2019-09-13 08:17:02 $59.99
2019-09-12 03:00:05 $59.99
2019-09-11 03:00:13 $59.99
2019-09-10 03:00:07 $59.99
2019-09-09 03:00:09 $59.99
2019-09-08 03:00:12 $59.99
2019-09-07 03:00:07 $59.99
2019-09-06 03:00:06 $59.99
2019-07-19 03:00:07 $65.99
2019-03-09 03:00:08 $75.26
2019-03-08 03:00:15 $75.26
2019-03-07 03:00:06 $75.26
2019-03-06 03:00:14 $75.26
2019-03-05 03:00:12 $75.26
2019-03-04 03:00:12 $75.26
2019-03-03 03:00:16 $75.26
2019-01-14 11:20:52 $38.99

Alfawise G70 F1.5 Car DVR Dash Cam Specifications

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Deal Code Max Uses Valid From Valid To
Alfawise G70 F1.5 Car DVR Dash Cam - Black MAG70BPT Automobiles & Motorcycle 200 2019-04-13 00:00:00 2019-05-31 23:59:59 $38.99

Alfawise G70 F1.5 Car DVR Dash Cam Review

Alfawise G70 F1 Review~ Alfawise UK launched the Alfawise G70S and it’s the first full-screen Android smartphone to feature the new octa-core Cortex-A53 processor, which was announced back in April. It’s only available in the UK, but it’s available in the US and Europe too.

This processor is paired with a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM which is more than enough for most Android smartphones. Other features include, well, a 5.99-inch screen, USB-C, and a 1.4GHz octa-core processor.

If you want to get your hands on a smartphone with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM you should probably get the Alfawise G80 and this will be the phone you’ll be using as it is. This device is an improvement over the Alfawise S860 which is the highest resolution smartphone on the market.

The specs list is not bad at all. I’ve already broken down this section down for you in the full review. So stay tuned.

Build Quality

The build quality is excellent. It’s by no means bad, but the build is very good for the price. The housing is made of plastic, but it’s not matte. It’s one of the best I’ve seen on a Chinese phone.

There are a few decent camera sensors on the back. The Sony IMX298 is the only one that I like. I think it’s the best. It’s one of the best I’ve used in a long time. The HTC U Ultra Pro is an incredible camera smartphone. It’s an incredible phone for beginners. And the rest of the front camera sensors, as well as the secondary one, are a combination of Samsung sensors and Huawei sensors.

The back is done in a nice matte finish with the textured coating, but it’s not glossy. The phone is glossy, and you need to be careful when you use it. The phone is a textured piece of plastic.


The phone has a 5-inch display which is 1080p and the resolution is 720p. It’s definitely not a high resolution but it’s not bad. The display is good enough for indoor use. If you’re looking for a phone to test out the readability and usability with, this is definitely one of the best.

The display is reasonably bright which is really good for indoor use. I’m going to use it as an outdoor speaker set up in the garden. The display isn’t the brightest I’ve seen so far, but it’s not bad unless you are using heavily overcast.


It’s no secret that the Alfawise F1 is designed to offer a solid performance for its price. The build quality is excellent. The only gripe is that the display isn’t always visible in direct sunlight. That’s something I’m sure you’ll get sorted out in a moment. I’m working on that and I’m sure it will be sorted out in a future update.

You will be able to set up the phone to display the following colours:


The Alfawise F1 doesn’t come with a camera on the back. It’s a 16MP camera with an f/2

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