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2.7〞Ambarella A7 2K 170° Lens Ultra HD Dash Cam Car Dashboard Camera DVR Vehicle Video Recorder G-Sensor with Dual Charger

B47FS-X is a digital HD video camera recorder,and this device is a common HD video camera as well as a professional driving recorder. It can record the high resolution image with the pixel as high as 2560x1080P 30fps WFHD,2304x1296P30 SUPER HD,1920x1080P60 FULL HD and take the picture of 4 mega pixels.Using micro SD card(Max 64G) as the storage device,compact size,low power consumption,HD camcorder can record more detailed perfect video image.Video also can be transferred by HDMI transmission wire directly to the high quality LED TV(HDMI) for high resolution display.

a.American Ambarella A7 sensor: Better Vision, Better Quality
b.Captures 2K (2560*1080P & 2304*1296P at 30fps) HD video
c.Equipped with low light sensor,can get good video quality at night
d.Seamless Loop Recording &G-sensor detecting any impact and auto locking the important video segments, you will never miss an important moment
e.170 degree viewing angle presents a wide field of view and splendor scenario
f.The F2.0 Six Layer Optical Glass Lens, dust and heat proof, helps capture high quality images even in bad driving environment.
g.2.7" TFT LCD display supports video and image playback
h.30/60 frames per second for smooth video flow
i.Advanced H.264 photography compression technology
j.Support max TF card up to 64GB
k.Support HDMI full HD video transmission
l.Auto starting record after powered provides a convenient use
m.Adopt auto cigarette lighter power supply,to make the video recording while driving
n.Powerful document protection, even in the recording process, the occurrence of sudden power outages, machine damage, etc, video files will be intact
o.Screen shots function, can capture the video screen while video recording and reviewing
p.Watching video simultaneous while driving, supporting on-spot play back
q.Dual chargers: charging through USB Cable and Car Charger

Model: B47FS-X
Image sensor: SENSOR 4.0 MP
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Video resolution: 2560x1080@30fps, 2304x1296@30fps,1920x1080@30/60fps(HDR),1280x720@30/60fps
Video compression: H.264
Format: JPG (picture), MOV(video)
Image quality:Fine,Normal,Super Fine
Memory: Micro SD card(Max 64G)
Connectors:USB; HDMI;AV-out
Charged by: USB port
Camera size (L*W*T): 8.8 x 4.5 x 3.3cm/3.5 x 1.8 x1.3in(approx.)
Weight (kg): 0.075kg
Package Included:
1x B47FS-X Car Recorder (Without Memory Card)
1x Car Charger
1x USB Data Transmission Cable
1x Sucker
1x User Manual
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