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Huawei Y6 64GB Review

Huawei Y6 Pro Vs Blackview Y7 Pro~ Both phones from Huawei are designed for the Chinese market and are quite popular, from Huawei an all-rounder and to the Chinese that is Blackview. While it’s difficult to make comparison notes between them, I’m sure that the Huawei Y6 Pro has been a favorite among customers and the Blackview Y7 a favorite among their customers, especially since it’s the second-generation model that provides an acceptable performance in everyday life, even for the most demanding. On the other hand, this model provides the best specifications at a price point that is also affordable, but the Huawei Y6 Pro is intended mainly for Chinese markets that are yet to enter into the Chinese smartphone market, and it’s difficult to find a similar design for the Blackview Y7.

So what’s the difference between the Blackview Y6 Pro and the Huawei Y6 Pro?

First, the Blackview Y6 Pro sports a better camera, a bigger battery and an improved design for the front panel. It’s difficult to imagine such a thing in a cheap phone, but they have been known to produce relatively powerful and high-end devices. Second, it’s difficult to imagine such a phone being offered at a low price tag. Finally, the Huawei Y6 Pro is available in two variants. It comes in three variants: a 5.0-inch LCD touchscreen phone, a 6.0-inch screen phone, and a larger version with the Huawei Y7 Pro, which means it’s also priced differently, and it has a frame around it.

What’s in the Box

As I mentioned above, there’s a large box of components inside, the Huawei Y6 Pro is the only of its kind in the market that doesn’t come with a removable back panel. It comes with a metal cover and a 5.0-inch IPS screen, the screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 4 and is covered by a 2.0 micron glass. The back of the phone comes with a matte plastic finish, and the fingerprint sensor, front camera, proximity and speaker grills are all on the front. But the company has also added a speaker grille along with a cooling grill to the bottom of the phone, which makes it more comfortable to hold on your hand when you need to take a shower.

Performance and Battery Life

As I wrote earlier, the Huawei Y6 Pro is priced at 1,499 yuan ($520). So how does it compare to other smartphones available in the market? Let’s find out!

Huawei Y6 Pro vs Blackview Y7

Huawei Y6 Pro Battery

The Blackview Y7 comes with a removable back panel. This is the first smartphone from the Chinese company to come with a removable back panel, and the company has done so in the past. But there are also other smartphones that don’t come with a back panel, such as the Blackview Y5, and the Tecalchus T5. But none of these have such a feature as the fast charging option, as stated earlier.

The Huawei Y6 Pro is powered with a 6300mAh battery that gives it a runtime of around 3 hours and 25 minutes. This is about 1% longer than the same variant from Blackview that gives a runtime of up to 3.5 hours.

Though the Huawei Y6 Pro is equipped with a MediaTek Helio X20 chip, it’s not possible to test the performance on a

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