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Samsung Galaxy A20e 32 GB White Review

Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone~

You have been looking for a phone that can have a perfectly sized screen, is that a goal you want to achieve? If you want one, you must have a really large screen. It’s not all about a perfect size. It’s about how big your screen is. That’s why we’ve chosen the Galaxy A20e for this discussion.

In this Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone we want to talk about how it differs from the Galaxy A9, which we usually see. And then, we’ll talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

The Samsung Galaxy A20e has a rectangular design, which means it’s suitable for both tablet and phone screens. It has a few advantages, but I’ll focus on the latter.

The first is that it’s protected. You have to keep it in your hand for it to be submerged. Secondly, it has a fingerprint scanner at the back. Thirdly, it comes with a 2.0MP camera, which is a really nice addition. Fourthly, it’s very light. It weighs only 7g, which is a big achievement for a smartphone.

Of course, the best place to carry it would be in your pockets, as it’s quite portable.

Features of the Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone

Features of the Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone

Build Quality and Design

If you haven’t read the specifications, then you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to follow the steps that it takes to set up the Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone. There’s a lot of paperwork to carry, and you’ll need to create your own table using a template, and then attach the template to your smartphone. This process is the same for all the phones that have the Samsung logo on the top, as well as iPhone.

However, there’s a bit more than that. The phone is built on a tough plastic material. There’s a very high level of security, and there’s a lot of detailing.

There’s a three-inch screen on the front that’s perfectly visible, which means you can’t see the actual image. This means that you can’t see the Galaxy A20e’s screen when taking a photo. On the other side of the screen, you can still see the Galaxy logo and the logo on the front of the phone.


The Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket Smartphone is equipped with a 5.0-inch Full HD screen at a resolution of 2248×1080. The viewing angle is wide enough to be pleasurable for the eyes. It’s one of the better displays we’ve used on a smartphone. It’s also protected with a 1.3-mm IPS panel that allows you to use it outdoors. On the back, there’s a traditional 16:10 ratio.

Hardware and Software

Although it’s an Android phone, the Galaxy A20e is powered by an Atom X5 Z8500. The smartphone is powered by the new Samsung PowerVR SGX544 SoC. As a result, the Galaxy A20e is more energy-efficient than its much more expensive sibling.

That’s why it has a slight

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