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Samsung Galaxy A20e 32 GB White Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy A20e 32 GB White Review

Samsung Galaxy A20e 64 Pocket~ The Samsung Galaxy A20e is a little thing that changes the way we think of tablets and smartphones. It’s a 64-bit tablet with Android 8.1. The specifications and features are quite different, and there are quite a few differences between them.

On the back, the A20e looks more like a tablet than a phone, and it features the MTK6589 quad-core processor that is the way faster than the Samsung Galaxy A7. For its price, it is the way better than the $300, and not even the Surface Pro 3 can beat the A20. In the box, you will find the usual Android-powered accessories including the two protective headphones that the tablet is designed to protect.

On the front, the A20e carries the A8 chip, which is also in the same tablet. The fact that the processor is only ARM’s successor makes it an appealing tablet. In addition, it has 3GB of RAM, which you can expand via the microSD card slot. There are also two speakers at the bottom.

The tablet is built on the internal 650 SoC. The A20e is meant to compete with the best from the same niche. A performance based tablet is no doubt a worthy competitor to the best on the market, but its display size, camera and storage capacity are the same. But this is only a secondary advantage that the A20e has over the A9.

Samsung Galaxy A20e: Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A20e: Design

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A20e have nothing to do with design. Rather, the tablet is a fully plastic device with a plain black plastic insert on the back, as if there were no other device in the house. On the side, we can see a logo. The position of the SIM card slot is a bit odd, but it’s not very unusual.

On the right, we can see the main screen where the two front camera and the front camera and the two speaker grill are.

Also, on the left, we can see the back cover.

The device is made of the same plastic as the Galaxy A9, and it’s hard to see the camera lens from the front. On the left side, there are still two buttons, but nothing on the right.

Samsung Galaxy A20e: Screen

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy A20e is quite bad. Not only that, the display is simply not up to the mark. The Samsung Galaxy A20e comes with a 6.65-inch screen that is completely covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. However, this resolution is fine for the price. The display of the Samsung Galaxy A20e is better than the one of the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom display, and the difference is not considerable.

Colors in the back of the tablet are not bad. The black panel is very reflective of the lighting conditions in the house.

On the side faces, you can find two stereo speakers.

The dimensions of the device are quite compact, so it’s easy to hold it in your hands. The charging port is slightly bent, so you need to bend it slightly to place it in the position of your choosing.

Samsung Galaxy A20e: Performance

The performance of the tablet is good. It is a quad-core Cortex A7 with a max turbo of 2.0GHz. The processor is designed for the tasks that this tablet is designed for.

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