JJRC X11 5G WiFi GPS RC Drone - RTF
Black Three Battery With Storage Bag

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Main Features:
Ultrasonic sensor assists barometer to keep super stable altitude hold
Point of interest, allowing your aircraft continuously circle clockwise around the preset point
Follow me, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view
Optical flow positioning gets the real-time optical flow information and make integrating computations
Tap to fly makes the drone fly to the target or fly in the direction you taped on the screen
Mechanical gimbal stabilization reducing shake and keeping shots stable effectively
Barometer altitude hold + full HD 2K camera, making the aerial photography clearer
Module-designed LiPo battery with energy-optimized system gives you a vastly improved flight experience
Bright LED search light makes night flying as easy as flying in the day

Product size: expand size: 452 x 415 x 70mm; fold size: 195 x 115 x 70mm
Body battery: 3400mAh
Remote control battery: 2 x AA battery ( not included )
Charging time: about 4 hours
Flight time: 20mins
Remote distance: 1.6km
WiFi distance: regular mobile phone 300 - 500m; specific mobile phone up to 800m
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JJRC X11 5G WiFi GPS RC Drone - RTF Specifications


Camera Pixels 2048 x 1152


Battery 3400mAh
Flying Time About 20mins


Type Quadcopter
Brand JJRC
Level Intermediate Level
Model X11
Material ABS/PS,Electronic Components
Functions Camera,GPS location tracking,One Key Automatic Return,One Key Landing,One Key Taking Off,Sideward flight,Turn left/right,Up/down,With light
Motor Type Brushed Motor
Night Flight Yes
Built-in Gyro Yes


Channel 4-Channels
Radio Mode Mode 1 & Mode 2 (Left & Right-hand Throttle)
Model Power 1 x Lithium battery(included)
Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Transmitter Power 2 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)
Compatible with Additional Gimbal Yes

Package Contents

Package Contents 1 x RC Drone ( Battery Included ), 1 x Remote Control, 4 x Propeller, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x USB Cable, 2 x Spare Battery

Dimensions and Weight

Package weight 1.9770 kg
Product weight 0.6800 kg
Package size (L x W x H) 35.00 x 27.00 x 15.00 cm / 13.78 x 10.63 x 5.91 inches

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JJRC X11 5G WiFi GPS RC Drone - RTF Review

JJRC X11 5G Smartwatch~

The JJRC Smartwatch is a smartwatch. It’s a 4G enabled device, which means you can wear it anywhere, anytime. It has some special features that make it easier to use and maintain, and the lack of the headphone jack.*

JJRC is offering the JJRC X11 for $109.99, which is a quite affordable price for a watch, and if you’re not familiar with it, it is the second-gen Android smartwatch (after the Huawei Watch). It is made by an unknown company and is called JJRC. As the name suggests, the JJRC Smartwatch is a 5G enabled device with NFC support.

The watch comes in a small black box with a QR code on it. To scan the QR code, you’ll need to use your smartphone, or a remote controller, to your TV. The box is made and placed in the USA, and the box is also in the UK and Germany. It is cheaper than the first-gen watches (Rs 80/$130) but is considerably heavier.

On the back of the box, you can find a drawing of the watch and an instruction on how to connect the watch to the TV.

The JJRC X11 is an extremely large device, measuring at just 1.4 cm in size, which has its own weight of around 0.4 kg. It can be placed on a wrist, and is quite portable. If you want to wear it everywhere, the JJRC X11 is a great option for you. It is not a fitness tracker, and as the name implies, the JJRC X11 is not a fitness tracker. It is a smartwatch that can be connected to the Internet, and that can be used as a remote control of your television or even a small flat screen TV.

The JJRC X11 Smart Watch is available on Gearbest at an attractive price

Features of the JJRC X11

JJRC X11 Features

The JJRC X11 is very big and heavy. On one hand, it is quite heavy. It weighs about 1.6 kilos in a case. The wristband is made of a special plastic that is densely packed inside the case. When you place the watch on your wrist, you can feel the stiffness of the wrist.

The JJRC X11 is not waterproof. It does not have a built-in water protection IP68. Therefore, you can not use it during the first 6 months of wear, and during the last 12 months it will not be suitable for indoor or outdoor swimming. It also does not have a built-in alarm. It has a built-in 5-axis heart rate sensor to measure your heart rhythm. If you want to track your sleeping, eating, and working status, then it has a built-in tracker with a built-in pedometer.

You can also track your steps, sleep quality, and other important indicators by using the JJRC X11. Its built-in accelerometer and sleep monitor allow you to calculate your sleeping time, your heart rate, and your heart rhythm.

The JJRC X11 is not a fitness tracker. Its built-in heart rate monitor and sleep monitor allow you to monitor your heart rate, your heart rhythm, and your sleep.

The JJRC X11 has a built-in GPS, and pedometer

The JJRC X11 has a built-in timer

The JJRC X11 has a built-in heart

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