SG - 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter
White 720P Wifi Fpv Camera

SG - 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter  Image
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Product Description:
The drone can be folded into a small shape, only 17 x 14.5 x 6cm, easy to carry. It has LED light, the night flight was realized. In addition, equipped with 6-axis gyroscope, there is a gyroscope calibration function. It also has a lot of functions, such as up / down, forward / backward, turn left / right, hover, headless mode, 360-degree roll and so on. The WiFi camera allows you to enjoy the aerial view on your phone and WiFi control.

Main Features:
One key taking off and landing, it is easy to operate via the APP to control the drone to take off or land at one tap.
Optional WiFi camera. There are three kinds of cameras: 480P / 720P / 720P WiFi satellite navigation.
WiFi app transmission. The real-time transmission on screens of smartphones offers a genuine flying experience.
Altitude hold. Equipped with advanced barometer sensor, the drone carries out stable flights at altitude and delivers aerial photographs.
Headless mode. Under headless mode, the drone can fly in any direction.
3D flips and rolls. When rotating freely, the drone arcs gracefully in the air.
● Compact form, great functionality. With a foldable compact form and a stylish look, you can take it with you.

Scan QR code, download and install the application, Android ( abroad ), Android ( domestic ) and iOS are all supported.
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SG - 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter Specifications


Battery 3.7V 1000mAh lithium battery
Flying Time 8~9mins


Type Quadcopter
Level Intermediate Level
Material ABS/PS
Functions 3D rollover,One Key Automatic Return,One Key Landing,One Key Taking Off


Channel 4-Channels
Radio Mode Mode 2 (Left-hand Throttle)
Model Power 1 x Lithium battery(included)
Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control,WiFi Remote Control
Control Distance 50-100m
Transmitter Power 2 x AAA battery(not included)
Detailed Control Distance 80M
Compatible with Additional Gimbal No

Package Contents

Package Contents 1 x Drone, 1 x Remote Controller, 1 x English Manual, 1 x USB Cable, 4 x Reserve Main Blade, 4 x Protection Ring

Dimension and Weight

Package weight 0.5900 kg
Product weight 0.1466 kg
Package size (L x W x H) 23.70 x 20.30 x 7.10 cm / 9.33 x 7.99 x 2.8 inches
Product size (L x W x H) 40.00 x 30.00 x 6.00 cm / 15.75 x 11.81 x 2.36 inches

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SG - 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter Review

SG - 700~

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Samsung S7 Edge

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