Flykul 8 Inches Foldable Lightweight Electric Kick Scooter

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1. Lightweight Electric Scooter is made of Aluminum alloy, environmentally friendly travel tool.
2. High-capacity 6000mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Battery, battery lifespan of over 500 cycles; three gear speeds(max speed 30kmh), Range 25 km per charge, 250W motor power.
3. Multifunction electronic display, accurate display of current, voltage, time, battery capacity, speed grade, instantaneous speed, total kilometers traveled.
4. Cool LED lights, Double brake design(Electronic braking system & Mechanical brake), horn design, convenient and safe driving.
5. Rear wheel cover buckle design, folds conveniently for transport.
6. Free inflatable solid wear-resistant front tires, non-slip handle design, lightweight, weighs only 24.25lb / 11kg.

This two wheels electric scooter is a good environmentally friendly travel tool, avoiding the traffic jam. Easy to assemble handles and fold, it's not only a good helper for office worker, but a great accompany to enjoy fun in life.

Foldable and Portability, Convenient
The electric scooter is crafted from Aluminum alloy making it sturdy. The mini compact design and easy-fold function mean you can bring it up on public transport conveniently. It is fast folded and expanded, also easy for you to store it in your car, house and so on.

Front Light & Horn design, safe
The stylish front lights can light up the path ahead at night for safety. When you do not need it at day, just press the button. And, the horn design can make attention when there is some cars or persons before you, making you safe in driving. Easy and convenient to use.

Intelligent Electronic Display
A Multifunctional electronic display, accurately shows the current, voltage, time, battery capacity, speed grade, instantaneous speed, total kilometers traveled. You can know about your driving conditions. There are three gear shifts (L1, L2, L3) for riding, and you can change your gear shift when needed.
L1: the highest is about 18KM/H
L2: the highest is about 23KM/H
L3: the highest is about 30KM/H

Double brake design(Electronic braking system & Mechanical brake)
There are two braking systems for you to choose: Electronic braking system & Mechanical brake. You can choose one to control your riding or stopping. Easy & convenient & safe.

Rear wheel cover buckle design, easy to carry
It is designed in the middle of the rear wheel cover. When folded, a gently buckle can make it directly stuck, easy to carry. While expanding, gently press the rear wheel cover, lever can be raised up, expand the scooter. Simple to carry when unused.

Smart and High-capacity Battery System
High-capacity 6000mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Battery, the scooter can riding for 25 km mileage per charge, battery lifespan of over 500 cycles. While there is no operation at the electric display and the speed dimmer is completely slack over 90seconds, the system will be power-off by itself, stay in power saving. Press on the power button, it will be reset up. With a smart Battery Management System, you need not worry about overcharging or battery malfunctions.

Brand: Flykul
Model: DD03
Color: blue
Material: Aluminum alloy
Max load: 264.55lb / 120kg
Max speed: three speed levels(L1: 18km/h, L2: 23km/h, L3: 30km/h)
Motor power: 250W
Motor size: 8 inch
Product weight: 11kg
Mileage: 25 km
Max Climbing angle: 15 degrees
Battery capacity: 24V 6AH lithium battery
Battery life: 500 charging cycles.
Configurations: LED lights, Multifunctional display, Double brake system, Horn, Rear wheel cover buckle.

Package Dimension
Package weight:14.34kg
Package size:103.00*21.50*39.50cm

Package Contents
1 * Flykul electric scooter
1 * User manual
1 * Charger

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F - wheel D1 DYU Electric Bike Specifications


Type Electric Bicycle
Brand F-wheel
Color Black,White
Wheel Size 12 inches
Model Number D1
Braking System Rear Disc Brake


Package Content 1 x F - wheel D1 DYU Electric Bike, 1 x Charger, 1 x English User Manual

Basic Information

Package size 109.00 x 25.00 x 77.00 cm / 42.91 x 9.84 x 30.31 inches
Product size 102.00 x 50.50 x 94.00 cm / 40.16 x 19.88 x 37.01 inches
Package weight 16.5100 kg
Product weight 12.0000 kg

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