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Lenovo E31-80 notebook Review

Lenovo E31-80 - A Tablet PC~ A couple of weeks ago, we introduced two new line PCs: the Lenovo TAB2 15-inch and 15-inch. It is the same model, but with a touchpad.

This is not a new trend, as a couple of years back we have seen the entry-level Windows 10 machines sporting a stylus pen.

If we compare the TAB2 15-inch to the TAB2 15-inch, they have the same screen, CPU, memory and even keyboard, with the latter being available only at $649.99. But the latter is no longer available on the market, it’s sold only on GearBest. So why not go for the cheapest offer?

Lenovo E31-80 specs list:

Lenovo E31-80 Pricing:

We already have a full review of the Lenovo E31-80 and it’s available on GearBest. And it’s the one we should take our hands on. It has been a good summer for Chinese tablet PCs. And the company has done the same for the Lenovo E31-80. They’ve been busy and it looks like we may see a few Chinese manufacturers launching models with very attractive specs lists.

The E31-80 has many surprises as well as more attractive design. It is a full-size tablet PC sporting a full-size keyboard, USB 3.0 port, and many more. In comparison with the original Lenovo E30, it looks even better. So it’s no surprise to see a slim metal body, a stylish back cover, and a full-sized keyboard.

However, it’s not only attractive it’s also very comfortable to hold. So we will be comparing it with the Lenovo Z5. It’s a 10.1-inch tablet PC sporting a keyboard and a touchpad. We want to show you that it’s possible to get such a great design.

At last, it’s worth noting that it is a full-sized laptop as it is sold only on GearBest. So it’s also suitable for students and office workers. We’ll come in with the Lenovo Z5 review.

Lenovo E31-80 Specifications:

Lenovo E31-80 Specifications Sheet Name: [Update]
Lenovo E31-80 Specifications Sheet Name: [Release]
Release Date: 2019.05.02
Update: Read our review
Lenovo E31-80 review and test

Lenovo E31-80 Software:

The Lenovo E31-80 runs on a Windows 10 64-bit version. You won’t see a lot of changes from the version in the Lenovo Z5. The processor is not different from that of previous models. All settings are present. There is only a version with Chinese functions, so the user will have to accept many additional parameters. For example, the touchpad has a built-in Windows 7 touchpad option. So the keyboard still works well.

The CPU is not the most powerful as well. So it’s expected to see a weaker performance than that of the CPU, which is still based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430. The Lenovo E31-80 is powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 SoC running at up to 2.0GHz. This chipset is based on Qualcomm’s SoC

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