roborock S55 S50 Laser Ranging Module from Xiaomi youpin

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BRAND: roborock

Original roborock laser ranging module spare parts for Roborock stone sweeping robot (S50 S55 universal) accessories
The product scans the room at 5 x 360°/sec for distance information.
When the laser strikes the obstacle, a spot will form in the sensor.
The image sensor calculates the distance to the center of the sensor based on the number of pixels in the spot.
Compatibility: Alternate for Roborock robot LDS sensors only.
Material: PC
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roborock S55 S50 Laser Ranging Module from Xiaomi youpin Specifications

Package Contents

Package Contents 1 x Laser Ranging Module

Dimensions and Weight

Package weight 0.2000 kg
Product weight 0.1200 kg

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Roomba’s engineers have addressed this by improving the motor, a significant upgrade that I feel has been welcomed.

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