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Date Price
2019-09-22 03:00:06 $59.89
2019-09-21 03:00:10 $59.89
2019-09-18 03:00:05 $57.89
2019-09-17 03:00:10 $57.89

Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 Bip Smart Watch Global Version Specifications

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Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 Bip Smart Watch Global Version Review

A Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 For Mi 9 Pro~

A Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 is the first smartphone from Xiaomi. We’ve been waiting for it since its launch and now it’s on Xiaomi’s website with a new design and pricing. A Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 is a first attempt at a great phone. The only problem we have at the moment is the design, which seems outdated. A Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 is already available for pre-order. We are going to take a peek at it in the video below, where we have reviewed it for many years.

A Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 for Mi 9 Pro
The A1608 is a model of Xiaomi. It’s a budget-friendly phone with a stylish design and many selling points. It’s also going to be the first smartphone in the world to come with a full-screen design. So let’s see what the best price can be for this phone and what specs to expect.

Check the Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 Deal.

***The A1608 comes in a white box, which is slightly different from the packaging. It carries the brand name of Xiaomi and comes in a sturdy red box with a signature written on the front and a couple of small things written on the rear. The phone is protected by a transparent transparent 2.5D glass and it has a capacity of 32.98grams. The box is also strong in the hand, which is not often in phones. But the price in China is way higher, but the most portable phone. A device like this can also be bought for $200 or more in Aliexpress.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 Specifications
● 1.6” FHD+ Super IPS Display
● 1.6 inch Super IPS Display
● 10000mAh Battery
● 3V/2A Fast Charge 3.5A
● 2.5mm audio jack, USB type-C, HDMI, USB 3.0, Micro USB, AV jack
● 2MP front camera, F2.0 Port
● IP68 dustproof, dustproof and waterproof (waterproofing will be added later)
● Metal body, reliable and fast charging
● Super-fast charging option
● WIFI transmission, supports the latest 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi, has a capacity of 1000Mbps
● 3000mAh battery, built-in battery, provides 2-4 days of standby time
● Fast charging option
● 35Wh Battery, supports the latest wireless standards (WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac and BT 4.0/5.0).

Xiaomi AMAZFIT A1608 Specifications
● CPU: Amlogic S912
● GPU: PowerVR G6110
● Memory: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB, 320GB, 360GB, 400GB
● VR Ready: Yes
● Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, GPS
● Front Fingerprint sensor: Yes
● Sensors: Ambient light sensor, face unlock, proximity sensor, accelerometer, accelerometer, gyroscope
● Battery: 3350mAh, built-in

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