ASUS P2440UQ7200 Notebook 4GB RAM Fingerprint Recognition
Black 500G Hard Disk Memory

ASUS P2440UQ7200 Notebook 4GB RAM Fingerprint Recognition Image
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ASUS P2440UQ7200 Notebook is a cost-effective notebook which supports fingerprint recognition. The powerful Windows 10 operating system makes it easy to check E-mail and manage digital files. Powered by Intel i5-7200U processor, designed with HDMI output, featuring powerful dedicated graphics and integrated graphics, all of these give users a full suite for using dominance and offer users a truly seamless using experience.

Main Features:
Microsoft Windows 10 OS
Offers more powerful performance and brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience
Intel i5-7200U Dual Core 2.5GHz
Ultra-low-voltage platform and dual-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940MX Dedicated Graphics Card and Intel GMA HD 620 Integrated Graphics
Meet both home entertainment and business need, better and faster performance than the previous generation
14.0 inch LED Screen
Offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web. The 1366 x 768 resolution screen boasts impressive high-quality images
4GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM for Advanced Multitasking, up to 20GB
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM offers you a high-impact gaming experience, ensures smooth operation and stable multitasking using feeling
500GB HDD Storage Capacity
Provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
HDMI Output Expands Your Viewing Options
You can connect the device to an HDTV or high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or just enlarge pictures
Front Camera for Photos and Face-to-face Chat
The 480P front camera allows you to capture memorable moments or chat with friends
Bluetooth 4.1 Interface Syncs with Compatible Devices
Wirelessly transfer photos, music and other media between the computer and your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or MP3 player, or connect Bluetooth wireless accessories

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ASUS P2440UQ7200 Notebook 4GB RAM Fingerprint Recognition Specifications


Camera type Single camera
Front camera 480P


Screen size 14 inch
Screen type LED
Display Ratio 16
Screen resolution 1366 x 768


MIC Supported
Color Black
Speaker Supported
AC adapter 100-240V / 19V 3.42A
Fingerprint Identification Supported


WIFI 802.11 ac
LAN Card Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
Support Network WiFi


Hard Disk Memory 500G
RAM Slot Quantity One
Largest RAM Capacity 20GB
Hard Disk Interface Type SATA

CD Driver

CD Driver Type DVD-ROM


Languages Windows OS is built-in Chinese and English, and other languanges need to be downloaded by WiFi


Package size 57.00 x 29.50 x 6.30 cm / 22.44 x 11.61 x 2.48 inches
Product size 34.00 x 24.10 x 2.33 cm / 13.39 x 9.49 x 0.92 inches
Package weight 2.7510 kg
Product weight 2.0000 kg


USB Host Yes (3 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0)
VGA Slot Yes
Audio Jack Earphone / Mic
SD Card Slot Yes
RJ45 connector Yes

Package Contents

Notebook 1
Power Cable 1
Power Adapter 1

Basic Information

OS Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i5-7200U
Core 2.5GHz,Dual Core
Type Notebook
Brand ASUS
Model P2440UQ7200
Caching 3MB
CPU Brand Intel
Threading 4
CPU Series Core i5
Graphics Chipset NVIDIA Geforce 940MX + Intel GMA HD 620
Graphics Capacity 2G
Power Consumption 15W
Process Technology 14nm

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